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Dave Kapluggin recently returns from his trip training Abu Dhabi clients

TEI (NZ) Limited continues to train their international clients for Selective Electro Brush Plating.

Abu Dhabi Aviation engaged TEI (NZ) Limited to carry out a training instruction after buying the equipment and solutions from LDC.  The training was at the very well equipped and show like hangers in Abu Dhabi Airport.  Dave was very impressed with the brush plating set up when he arrived.  This was because of the great staff and Manager Paul Lim.  The training was for the repair and cadmium corrosive protection mainly on Bell Helicopters.  The staff were very attentive and interested in the process.

All of the staff and management were impressed with the Electroplating training and we were extremely happy that the Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Aviation Airport facility took the time out of his busy scheduel to come down to look at the process and to meet with Dave Kapluggin.

The security at the airport was very strict and Dave had to train outside the airport for a couple of days until he received clearance.  This clearance was helped through because of one of the locals was in the training class.  Sometimes it takes up to a month to get the clearance.  The heat was around 43 Degrees Centigrade all of the time but luckily the hanger was air conditioned!!  Abu Dhabi was a wonderful area and the buildings were tremendous.

The training went very well and all of the students received their certificates after the final written test.  Long journey home of about 28 hours in all.

Dave Kapluggin’s expertise and knowledge of the LDC Selective Electro Brush Plating process is extremely thorough.  Abu Dhabi Aviation and Staff were very impressed with the training and thanked TEI for their excellent job.

The Selective Electro Brush Plating Training carried out by TEI (NZ) Limited is comprehensive and we pride ourselves on working alongside our clients to make sure that all their requirements are met.

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